In more formal terms, Bespoke Nutrition is a multi-market, crossover formulation backbone that offers disruptive opportunities internationally by addressing and assisting the global nutritional challenges that we currently face.

These challenges are: dysfunctional dietary intake, obesity, chronic disease and an aging world population.

We choose to refer to Bespoke Nutrition as a carefully formulated range of nutritive dietary supplements with the potential to reorder the existing dietary supplement market by focusing on a different and logical set of values than those that are currently applied.

We, furthermore, recognize that Bespoke Nutrition will be addressing and assisting the global nutritional challenges – dysfunctional dietary intake, obesity, chronic disease and an aging world population – that the world currently faces.  

Bespoke Nutrition is a water-soluble, powdered supplement which is made up from naturally-derived and extracted powdered ingredients. It contains around 200 ingredients of which 96 are active ingredients. A large number of particular extracted profiles are proprietary to Bespoke Nutrition. All elements originate from plants that have been processed for final ingredient and have not been synthesized in order to ensure that the nutrients are available in bioavailable format for the body’s chemical requirements. Bespoke Nutrition does not contain artificial flavouring or preservatives.

Bespoke Nutrition | LOW CARB 
Bespoke Nutrition’s low carb formulation with its high protein and low carb content, together with elevated levels of antioxidants and extracts, is the perfect choice for anyone looking to have more energy, to be mentally clearer and to improve their quality of life

Bespoke Nutrition | SPORTS 
Originally developed for elite triathletes, this formulation with its focus on active and high-endurance sports participation has found application in all sporting disciplines from kite boarding and surfing to rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey and many more. 

Bespoke Nutrition | RECOVER 
The Recover formulation, with its elevated extract and anti-oxidant levels, was developed with chronic lifestyle diseases in mind.

Anyone looking to have more energy, to be mentally clearer and to improve their quality of life should use Bespoke Nutrition. The product works equally well for sports participants in all sporting disciplines as well as for those suffering from chronic lifestyle diseases.

One and a half scoop of Bespoke Nutrition, liquefied in water, milk or other suitable liquids is taken twice daily. In general, users can expect to start feeling a difference within 5-7 days. Continued use becomes a way of life.

We have not come up with a new drug, a new chemical or, for that matter, anything new. All we have done was to take a set of logics and followed it through to its logical conclusion.

Our research has led us to develop a logical viewpoint of how the body functions. Based on this, we’ve developed a nutritive supplement which offers the elements or building blocks in bioavailable format for the body to function at best performance.

Bespoke Nutrition is different to other nutritive supplements because its departure point is different. Its uniqueness lies in the logic of the product.

Bespoke Nutrition is produced in food producing factories which adhere to international food industry standards.

Bespoke Nutrition is currently being tested by Informed-Sport, a global quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. The program certifies that every batch of a supplement product and/or raw material that bears the Informed-Sport logo has been tested for banned substances by LGC’s world-class sports anti-doping laboratory.

Watch this space for the results of this rigorous certification process.

From a food perspective we strongly support the concept of regenerative farming, the preserving of soil and waterways and the production of food that are nutrient dense.

On a personal level we believe that there is massive value in educating and empowering people to take responsibility for and control over their lives. We need to become innovators and do things better all the time. Once we realise and see the benefits of sorting ourselves out, it becomes intuitive to also look around and see what is affecting me and my fellowman. This will lead to a sincere effort to also take care of the environment. 

Bespoke Nutrition was officially launched in 2019. This was preceded by a period of more than five years during which we:

  • did intensive research into the functioning of the human body and its nutritional requirements,
  • created and adjusted the product formulation,
  • spent 18 months on sampling on a group of athletes, and
  • monitored various groups of users of the product in preparation for release to the market.

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